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          Address:Building seven, circular economy industrial cluster, Jiaozuo, Shanyang, Jiaozuo
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        Detailed Description:

          TeO2 is a kind of acousto-optic material with high quality factor. It has good properties of birefringence and optical rotation with low velocity of propagation along (110) axis.Under the same clear aperture, the acousto-optic device produced by TeO2 crystals has the advantages of the orders of magnitude improvement in resolution, fast response speed, small driving power, high diffraction efficiency, as well as stable and reliable performance.

          TeO2 crystals are ideal single crystal material used to produce different kinds of acousto-optic device, such as acousto-optic deflector, modulator, resonator and tunable filter.

          main technical parameters:



          TeO2 crystals can be used to produce kinds of acousto-optic device, such as acousto-optic deflector, acousto-optic Q-switched and SAWD. Thus, these crystals are widely used in lidar, the scanning of TV and large screen’s displayer, the optical memory of photon computer and laser communication.

          We can provide 2inch, 3inch 4inch TeO2 ingots and all specs of wafers,bars, and blocks. Any of your questions and comments are warmly welcome.

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